We offer a range of professional services at The Groomers which are available to all breeds & behaviors. When your dog comes to us at The Groomers they are treated like our own dogs. 

Puppy Grooming ( from 12 weeks old) 

Full Grooming : this includes

*bathing with shampoo & conditioner to suit the dogs coat,

*blast and finish to fluff dry,

*clip to owners request or breed standard,

*nails cut

*pads trimmed

*ears cleaned and plucked


Luxury Grooming: this includes

*all of the above 

*paw spa ( this is advised for dogs who lick/ chew their feet which causes discoloration) 

* teeth cleaning with our fantastic de-odourising toothpaste which the dogs love the taste 


Additional extras:

*Paw spa

*Teeth cleaning

* Glands