Puppy Grooming

Well having a pup in the house is always an amazing addition to the family. Teaching them tricks, toilet training and most importantly lots of play time, but grooming is also a huge part of a pups life. Quite often owners don't always know when they should first bring their pup to The Groomers, how often they  should visit and how the owner can groom their pup in between. So we have made it easy for you, here is a  step by step guide to the best way to get your pup used to visiting The Groomers.


From 12 weeks old and once your pup has had both jab they are ready to visit for their first puppy groom. 

What is a puppy groom? 

This is a bath, shampoo and conditioner with puppy appropriate products. Fully dry (usually with our smaller dryer, and most of the time having a cuddle at the same time!) after all, they are still little babies who love the attention. A soft brush through their coat, cut their nails, clear the fur around their eyes and the hygiene area. 

Depending on the breed of your dog we usually advise 2-3 puppy grooms which really helps your pup become accustomed to being groomed. 

As their fur changes and they begin to grow their adult coat we then move on to providing a full groom. For more information on our full grooms please see our services page.

When your first bring your puppy in to our salon, we explain the treatment to you, we allow the pup to have a sniff around the salon to make them feel comfortable and we also offer a call to the owner half way through the groom just to let you know how they are getting on. After leaving your pup for the first time is like leaving your child in nursery for the first time; it's a little daunting!